Revised Pricing Structure

Now that Drifting Ruby Pro Membership has been available for a few months now, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback. Some of the feedback has been great while other feedback is something I’ve tabled to look at in a future date. So to start the dialogue, how did we come up with the pricing?

A bit of research went into the market for existing screencast type websites. There are some that charge an outrageous amount and there are some that are way undervalued. So, I went with the current market value. However, the current market value does not always depict its true value, may be higher or may be lower. For once thing that is an absolute and certain, it has value only if the users feel like it has value. So then we get into the whole debate of what does value mean. Value is a subjective term that has different meanings based on where we are in our lives. For the college or bootcamp student, they may have a hard time forking over $19.00 for a subscription. For others who live in a country where their currency is weaker than the USD, this could also be a huge amount for them. On the flip side, a graduate earning over $100k without debt, would be more willing to justify the subscription.

Based on the feedback, we made a conscience decision to revise the pricing.

Team pricing is now $15 / user / month with a 5 user minimum.

Student pricing is unchanged and still at $9 / month.

Pro Membership is now $15 / month.

To go even further, we have extended the Pro Membership’s Early Bird Special to the end of February. The Early Bird Special is now $9.00 / month. You will be at a grandfathered rate which will always be honored as long as you maintain an active subscription.

Anyone who has subscribed already either through the Early Bird or more recently has been placed in this grandfathered plan. There isn’t anything that you need to do.

This is the lowest that the membership will ever be, so do not delay and subscribe today!

For an added bonus, within your user account, you are able to get a referral link. For each person that uses your referral link to subscribe to the pro membership will earn you 1 month credit of the Pro Membership!

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