Self Hosting a Cloud IDE

This is the second post about self hosting. The previous post was about setting up a Sentry server for tracking application errors. I think that for non-critical applications or for a personal playground, having a home lab is the perfect place to test things out. My configuration is pretty simple, I have a few refurbished […]

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Hacking content_for to create a simple display helper

Update: Check out for a screencast update to this article where things are refactored to reduce technical debt. So, this isn’t probably even the best way to do this, but I was playing around in a side project and wanted to see what I could do to have some consistency throughout my application; specifically around the […]

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Deleting A Git Tag

So, have you ever had a situation where you accidentally pushed the wrong tag to your remote repository and need to undo this? You can first delete the tag on your local copy.

Then push the tag to the remote repository.

Create the tag again on your local copy

Then push the […]

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